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How long should I wait for EQ & TU to update?

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How long should I wait for EQ & TU to update?

My Discover finally reported on the 5th, and utilization went from 66% to 1%. All others are at zero. I'm doing AZEO because I'd like to apply for two new cards. I got a 3B report (& subscription) from myFico yesterday, and sure enough my Experian score updated to the new balance & my score increased 20pts, but the other two have not. My Experian subscription and CK don't update until next week, and I have no idea if EQ & TU have updated yet. Is there another way to check? I have been waiting all month for this and I'm getting impatient lol. I realize my scores are probably good as they are, but I don't want that high utilization reporting. I'd also like to have all my scores as optimized as possible so that I can get a decent limit.


Any ideas?

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Re: How long should I wait for EQ & TU to update?

For me, EQ updates 2-3 days after EX; TU approx 3 days after EQ. It's annoying how slow they are.

The WalletHub app will give you a daily TU report for free - the score is Vantage but at least you'll know when the balance updates. As for EQ, the only place to get a daily report is from the Equifax website - it gives the EQ score (not FICO) and allows daily report pulls - but it's not free. I believe there is currently a $4.99 trial for 30 days offering for their Premier service product... you could do that and then cancel before the trial ends. Or just assume that when TU updates, EQ has likely updated as well.

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Re: How long should I wait for EQ & TU to update?

Gah, the waiting truly is the hardest part. Usually everything updates within 5 days for me- usually just after I've obsessed and looked up every service. What are you apping for!?

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Re: How long should I wait for EQ & TU to update?

Seriously!!! I’m trying hard to be patient. I’m getting the Citi Costco VISA. I really wanted Uber but I have a young file and likely won’t get it (or I’ll get a ridiculously low SL). But after looking at the Costco card, it’s just as good and actually fits my spending better. Second card will likely be AMEX Gold.

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