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How many people actually care about their credit?

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Re: How many people actually care about their credit?

iv wrote:

MrCrabs wrote:

Unfortunetly I don't think any finance skills are taught at schools period(saving, investing, credit, etc) so unless the parents are educated on finances such as yourself, a lot kids go into the world unprepared and end up with difficulty later.

We actually added a personal finance class as a HS graduation requirement a few years ago...  doesn't mean the students always pay attention, but at least it's presented to them.

That's good that they have that! Most of the classes I took in high school (and college for the matter) were useless. I had one class my senior year of high school, it was only half a year, Economics, where the teacher taught us about paying bills, working, finding an apartment (the whole thing was actually a project) and other basic adult "skills." He didn't really dabble into credit but I wish I had known more about credit!! Thanks to this forum I know so much more but so many people don't, or don't care. 

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