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How to Get Banks to Send You Selected Offers?

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How to Get Banks to Send You Selected Offers?

So I know most people usually have the opposite problem, they want to get the "junk mail" to stop. However, after seeing people on this forum get mailers for selected offers I became interested. The only mailers I've ever get from banks are for the same offers available to the public. Seeing the recent 5/3rd Bank offers of 350/500 and 500/1000 got me wondering how I could get my hands on one of these. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances? Or do they just get my info from other banks, SP my reports, and decide using whatever criteria they want?

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Re: How to Get Banks to Send You Selected Offers?

I suggest hitting up banks web sites and search for pre-qualified offers.  In doing so, it generates a SP from that bank so they'll have your current profile on hand.  From there, the chances of them sending you targeted offers IMO increases.  Of course, it depends on what your profile looks like.  I received essentially no offers when my scores were in the 620-680 range, then tons of offers when they were in the 680-740 range, then very little once they were all higher than that.  With 800+ scores, I'm lucky to see one targeted offer every few weeks now.

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