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How to find out who is reporting a charge off I can prove is false

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How to find out who is reporting a charge off I can prove is false

For 5 years now I have been attempting to find the agency/legal group/company whomever that has been reporting a charge off to all the credit agencies.  I had a Bloomingdale's credit card I rarely used and the last time I went to use it I found out it had been closed for lack of use.  The store said they could reopen it without a problem and a new card would be sent to me.  I said okay and made my purchase (about $278).  I never received a new card nor did I receive a bill and, of course, I completely forgot about it for months.  When I finally did receive a bill I promptly called Bloomingdale's credit, explained the issue, found out the amount owed and sent the payment.  As far as I knew the issue was settled and I never cared that I didn't receive the Bloomingdale's credti card.


Over a year later my credit score dropped through the floor!  I found out it was Bloomingdale's and I called them immediately.  They wouldn't help me.  Said they had closed the account and sold the loss to some claims group.  For 5 years I have never been able to find out who has it.  The two times I was able to find a name they had already sold it off to some other group.


I can prove that I paid bill since I still have the check!  I just can't find out how whom to work with.  The credit agencies have supposedly reviewed my dispute and one even dropped it and improved my score until about 5 months later when it appeared on my credit report again.


Anyone know how to find out whom is doing the reporting?


Thank you.

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Re: How to find out who is reporting a charge off I can prove is false

Am I understanding you correctly that this is showing on the OC TL and it is not a collection?

If so, I believe the issuer DSNB, department store national bank, which is a subsidiary of Citibank, must correct it. If they sold it to a CA, they would report it as a collection. (I believe only the OC can touch their own TL. If I am wrong someone please correct me.)

I would call DSNB, get a supervisor on the line, and explain that they have reported your account as a charge off and closed where it was completely paid and you have the proof and are willing to fax or email it to them. (This would be a direct dispute with the original creditor.)

I would also request the supervisors email address and follow up with a summary and a copy of your proof of payment by email so you have a paper trail. If you can’t get the supervisors email address, get one for customer service and submit it to ensure you have a paper trail.

If this is unsuccessful, I would then initiate a dispute with the remaining CRAs and send it certified mail return receipt with a copy of your proof of payment. They should be required to investigate and, if it can’t be validated, it should be removed.

If this doesn’t work take your paper trail that you have created and submit a complaint to the CFPB. That’s the best course of action that I can think of in my opinion.

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