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How to know my credit reporting dates


How to know my credit reporting dates

I have 4 credit cards. 2 secured and 2 unsecured
Discover it unsec 1800
Cap1 qckslvr unsec 1000
Citi sec 200
Wells sec 300

Most of the time I pay off my full balance right after I use the card. I have no clue how much is being reported to the credit bureau. I stay under 8 or 5% uti

Would the date they report be the closing date of that statement? Few days ahead?

I want to raise my score obviously but I don’t want to be caught with a utilization rate hi or 0 balances across the board.
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Re: How to know my credit reporting dates

The way I found out was to go to Credit Karma, look under "Credit Card Use" and under each account name it lists the last time it was reported to the credit bureau. Some cards report on the statement date and some report on the last day of the month. It should give you a good idea.

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Re: How to know my credit reporting dates

For Capital One, look at one of your statements in the upper right corner and you'll see the billing cycle dates.  Mine seems to be the same day each month.  April 12 statement closing, previous months pay due was April 9.


Discover -> Activity & Payments -> Activity &Statements

Right hand box at the bottom is your statement closing date


The closing dates corresponded to what was on CK for me.

R.I.P Cards

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Re: How to know my credit reporting dates

This is one of the many strengths of Credit Karma.  Unlike many third-party suppliers of reports, it provides the precise date (month, day, year) that an account was reported to that bureau.  Other tools often provide only the month/year.  Consumers can then compare those dates with the exact statement date provided by the CC issuer.


Karma obviously has weaknesses too.  One of these days I will try to do a write-up that explains what Karma is especially good for and what to avoid using it for.  E.g....


Great for the reports themselves, great for Date Reported, etc.


Front-end interface.....

        If you have no closed accounts or AU accounts....

               Good for age-related scoring factors

                     BAD tool otherwise for Age

        If you have no closed accounts with balances or AU accounts....

               Good for utilization

                     BAD tool otherwise for utilization

                     Also bad if you are close to a known breakpoint, i.e....

                            0.00%, 8.99%, 28.99%, 48.99%, etc.

        BAD front-end tool for assessing derogs


               Good tool if you really want to know your Vantage scores

               Good tool if you want a free method of assessing your CBIS

                      (aka credit-based insurance score)

               BAD tool if you don't grasp how almost no lenders or CC issuers

                      use Vanage scores or the degree to which your FICO scores

                      could be vastly different from Vantage

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Re: How to know my credit reporting dates

Good suggestions have been offered (check Credit Karma), but if you want to know BEFORE your balances get reported, just ask your CC issuer. MOST report the statement balance shortly after the statement cuts, but there are a few rare exceptions. US Bank reports the CURRENT balance on the last business day of the month.
Just ask!
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