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Huge Credit Card Debt


Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

No Idea, so much stress and everything you can imagine, plus everything else, am a diffrent person, I like Homeward Bound ending watching shadow come out, or Rocky, Terminator,  anything with the underdog coming out. I just don't stop. No matter what till I finish this. I swear I will finish this 2021.

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

@bdub1234 do you keep up with your scores?  I'm curious as to what they looked like at the beginning up til now to compare with when this debt is paid off.  Hollar back! Smiley Wink

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Huge credit Card Debt

Hello, and thanks to all over this journey.

I am now at only about 20k left, from over six figures of debt around I think FEB 2019.  Worked myself to the bone lost over 30lbs, went from 220 down to 185 had some very bad medical issues, went without eating sometimes but as I promised myself and everyone else that doubted me, I would/will finish this.

I currently have about 20k left to payoff but over the last couple yrs I started putting money to the side in case something should happen to me, especially after reading everyones post plus having my own issues, but I put money to side in investing (Reits,Crypto,Stocks..etc) plus managed to leverage my cash to flip some cars to pay this debt off faster. That said should anything happen to me even temporarily, I have managed to pay off over 90k, and put aside about 20k now at 30yrs old. So in theory or on paper I am already debt free. Assets-Liablities. But I am dicisplined, I put this money away only for a true emergency.  I was down to 35 cents in the bank at one point.  I swear I pick pennies up now when I see them. I as stated before will still be done with this by Dec 31 2021 and have a bit saved up. Just under 3 yrs to come out of 112k of debt. Nothings impposible.


I still find time to volunteer at my local food bank on my off time, as I strongly believe karma and giving back as I was a child of group homes/Juvenile detention Social Services and donate to ST. Judes.


"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible". St. Francis of Assisi


I never give up, and had to prove this most importantly to myself, but has felt even better getting a lot of support on here, which is a very underestimated tool, I know everyone thought I was stupid attempting this over a couple yrs ago, and told me to file Bankcruptcy. And believe me I felt like giving in so many times, its very overwhelming at times, but it gets better day/week/month/yr at a time. I am not here to give any expert finacial help or advice, but only to share my story, and possibly help anyone else out.


My final update will come soon I hope.

when I am completely debt free from this black hole and living again, as normal as I can. Again I will post if anyone wants to see my time frames and an in depth scale (all side hustles/current job) sacrafices of what I did to get out of this unbearable state.


Thank you to everyone on this platform, the only place I have posted this insufferable journey, for everyone to know my struggle, and I got the bad and good, from multiple perspectives but whether positve or negative gave me the courage and fortitude to take on this oppressive voyage.

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Re: Huge credit Card Debt

Congrats, I admire the tenacity.

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Re: Huge credit Card Debt

I remember when you started.  You're in the home stretch now, so to speak.  Nice job😀

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Re: Huge credit Card Debt

How cool is that.  A nice story.

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Re: Huge credit Card Debt

Remarkable that you've paid off 90k And saved 90k in two years. Wow. Way to go.


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Re: Huge credit Card Debt

Lol I wish I saved 90k. I have paid off 90k but have about 20k in investments now. With only about 20k left to pay off, I am about to finish this by end of yr, and I will still have whatever my investments are at that point.

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Re: Huge credit Card Debt

I think just under 3yrs and I will have come out of 112k of credit card debt, if I stay alive and on track!

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Re: Huge credit Card Debt

Like I told you man, I advocated BK early on but you made a believer out of me very quickly. Cant wait to see the "I'm paid up" post in the not too distant future. Maybe when you make that post you could expand with the details you mentioned to show just how much went into this.


Incredible accomplishment of an unbelievable mountain.

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