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Huge Credit Card Debt


Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

Hello Everyone! Just stopped in to give a quick update as I know it has been a little while. Everything is going at the moment, and I am feeling good as of now. Again thank you for all the support across here I have gotten since I started my journey.


I am down to only about 25k left, I know that may be a lot to most or any readers that see this if thats where they are starting, I am only saying ONLY because I was once in the 6 figures somewhere around 112k in high interest CC debt, and not to sound pompous. I had all types of terrible thoughts and feelings of hopelessness/suicide, thinking I had ruined my life as well as other problems in my short life at my peak of this debt. I think or rather know that as long as I am here, I will be out of this/the colossal debt I once got myself into in the next 6-8 months and at worst by Dec 31 2021, making this possibly a tad shorter than 3yrs and a good amount sooner than I ever thought or even truly believed myself when starting this, but I already had put my mind to this goal that I said I would finish no matter what before reneging, and that I have know one else to blame but myself, and outside of nature,fate,karma, or anything else plausible I can't control I only count on myself to what decisions I make and which way my life goes, as my morals are too strong. I am not sure I could do this again but If I managed some how to be 1million in debt when I started I would probably be one my way to becoming a doctor or something because I don't like taking defeat and I as I have said before I am like the terminator or rocky. I don't stop or give up in a fight I put my mind to.  I have been down and out most of my life with the odds stacked against me but I always overcome what everyone says is the inevitable and almost prosper when told I can't do something because then I fight my hardest to prove everyone wrong.


As I coming closer to finishing this and all it took to get where I got and to where I am now its surreal, as 25k almost seems like a walk in the park now.  My credit has improved significantly around 700 with each period I pay down more it increases.


Physically and Mentally its been a struggle with setbacks and in more ways than ever especially with the world going through what it has, as well as brought a valubale life lesson that I have taken an expectional sense of gratitude and humility with some medical problems myself, I have never given up HOPE in all of this. The Best one can do is take life day by day, and be grateful for each one. 


I am not a finacial advisor, expert in credit or anyone looking for money, Yes I could have filed BK at one point but I just decided that wasn't for me or what I wanted to do. I can only tell my experiences in what I decided to do, my will power and my journey, everyone can choose their own path. I am just a blue collar worker, that has worked his butt off doing so many hustles and side gigs/school and increased my income while cutting my expenses to basically being homeless, I may have had some oppurtinties that others may have not have had or more setbacks than others may have had, every situation and persons capabilities/determination/situation is different

And for the note I am not sure I would do this again, as it has been thus far (just waiting for the day I can say WAS) an incredible ardous physical and mental journey that I don't wish upon anyone. Like Andy in the Shawshank Redemption it feels like I climbed through a river of Sh@$ to come out clean on the other side.


Bless everyone here and I hope all a well life and safety during these trying times and best wishes to everyone and their journey and path to happieness.  I will update when I can next, and answer anyones PM if they want my inexpert advice.



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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

@bdub1234 I don't know you, know you but I'm very proud of you!  Big high five and e-hug, job well done.  Heart

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

Thanks for the inspiration, and glad your in the final stages! Good job and good luck finishing up. 

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

Fantastic drive.  I am proud of you.

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

Glad to hear it @bdub1234 - unbelievable that you've come so far so quickly. Like we've said before, just keep kicking and make sure you take care of yourself through all this, get those steak dinners, and we can't wait to see your "$0 owed" update Smiley Happy

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

Great update.  Go grab yourself some wings at bdubs and celebrate Smiley Wink

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

Hey bdub!

It's great to see you again. Smiley Happy Happy New Year!!!


It's always a special day when I see your posts. You are amazing. Your early posts determined to retire this debt were remarkable. You are in the home stretch now. I wish you all good things especially good health. You are in our hearts and in our prayers. 


Thanks so much for checking in.

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

Thanks, but no steaks or bdubs wings or anything else for now, not till I finish this, too determined and motivated and too much heart and discipline. PBJ/Ramen Noodles/Grilled Cheese. I don't miss much such as TV/Movies/Games/Sports, Food, Entertainment,  my life has changed a lot, nothing but work come home to an air mat for a couple hours and back up, the grind/hustle never stops, no matter what even when I had some serious medical issues, I never stop. I know I could have had over 200k saved if I had just had filed BK between the pricinpal and interest I have paid, but that was not in my cards, I will come out of this or die trying. Didn't have anything before, made many mistakes in my life as always but I have much more wisdom, and have much more appreciation to all the small things now, and when I go walk I see nature and how beautiful things are looking at the sky/stars. Even the little spiders I see in my place I can't kill them, because I think they are just as important as me just having a hard life and I am nobody to end that for them. 


"The Best Preparation For Tomorrow is Doing The Best today". H. Jackson Brown Jr.



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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

You are a warrior and survivor my friend.  Kudos.  Wishing you the best, plus more for you.

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

@bdub1234   Its amazing how much you've paid down in a short while.  Just a little more to go and you'll be done!  Looking forward to your next update. 

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