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Huge Credit Card Debt

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

Thanks for the update. It is amazing what you’ve accomplished so quickly! You’ll be clear of your debt soon enough. Great job - keep it up!

If you can, start contributing to your savings account, even if just a small amount per month, so that you’ll have a chunk by the time you’re debt-free.
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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

Simply amazing!


Happy Holidays!

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

@355F1 holy crap and I am planning on being the same.

 Congrats to the fullest, we both know that **bleep**ty feeling being there, much gratitude and props to you. Thanks for your post just makes me wanna work even harder I know I can do this. Have great holidays and much appreciated.

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

355F1, Holy crap great **bleep**, I can't believe with more debt than me,I have to beat you lol, I will finish this debt so fast now, thanks for the competition,  Very Nice  I bet it felt great, I can't wait, have so many things I am gonna do, people have no idea how small post can be and change anyone,


Much appreciated, if you did it I am gonna show I can do this hopefully in less time., lol Thanks so much for post.!!!

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

Just to show you I wasn't BS-ing you this is the spreadsheet I made that changed my life, obviously condensed down but I used to tally every month.


Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 8.14.38 PM.png

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

@ hey I am not normally on here very often, just in between work and school, I saw your spreadsheet, also it was nice to see someone coming from where I was in a smiliar debt, From where you were starting, I admire that you accomplished this goal and very fast and again I know it feels awesome, I never made a spreadsheet, I have just been budgeting out everything in my head, It looks like you managed 60k in debt reduction in 1 year!!!!. That is GREAT, I think when in my 1yr time frame of actually putting all focus to this and changing everything which started around FEB 2019 I can be around 58k total debt by FEB/March from 112 total that I had in Jan 2019, I slowed down now just a bit due to me swithching jobs a couple months back and that in between time without my fulltime wage just side hustles/jobs/and school while still paying massive payments to this debt to get it done plus my normal bills I floated myself on air for a sec getting really nervous and anxious, and I realized how fast 4k can go, that I had at the time put aside, so now I have to make min payments till I have 10k saved for any emergenices which I think should be by Jan/early Feb then back to every dollar to this nightmare, but really starting from about March or so with my 110k. I think either way you will be ahead of me with the outstanding progress you made in finishing your debt story lol I do like competition though, if someone else has done it I want to be the one to do it faster and better, lol, just kidding but it does get me motivated even more.


So I am not going to count by Feb the 10k saved I will have towards what my debt is until the very end when I only have 10k or less, because I have to keep that aside for now, my goal with how I am going I plan on being done with this by DEC 31st 2020, I would have been in debt for about 5yrs by then, but again I only truley got to a point here in this last year of making the type of money I need to by working very hard so many side jobs and my school and changing my life around completely to living on dirt and getting my creditors interest down, but ultimatley I am giving myself till 2022 very worst case scenario only because I know Murphys law, It should not take nearly that long from what I thought when I first started posting and where I have gotten, I just never know what could happen, but reading your accoplisment gives me even more hope and puts me in competitor drive.


Also, I had almost identical credit limits in the 200k plus range and we both had similar debts with I think my interest rates were slightly higher overall, I was just wondering if you could let me know either on here or in a private message what you did? I have literally closed almost all my accounts they show as consumer closed, and I enrolled in a DMP to get my creditors to reduce my interest rate to practically nothing or some worked with me directly and those accounts are on suspension but still my rates are reduced, I could not have done this without that I was paying to much in interest, where with where my debt was I was making in the or about the 3k range in min payments a month and it was barley touching the principal most to interest. Every account I had I think 26/27 or so revolving accounts all show paid as agreed no negative remarks. Just curious if you have any tatics for me or anyone else, I also don't know what you do for a living, but I drive a truck and have just supplemented my income with lots of side jobs/hustles, and school, to where I am very tired most of the time working 12-20hr days 6-7 days a week with everything I am doing.


Any advice is welcome please, I have always taken my own path and for some reason it works one way or another but I do believe in being in the saying that you become who you asscoiate with, and you and I seem to have been down the same path in this debt story. I have not missed a payement so far and don't plan to at this point and my credit score has rebounded from around less than 550 all due to utilization when all my creditors cut my limits, to back in the mid 750's now with the amount of debt paydown, and I know I can and will finish this just with everything I am doing now, but just curious if from one person to another of someone who has completed this, if their is something I am doing wrong or I could possibly finish this even faster from possible things you have done.


Thank you, and Congrats again 355F1 and I really do appreciate your post story on this great accomplishment and any advice you may share showing me and anyone else wondering that they can do this the same as I will here soon enough when I can have that same feeling of joy being done with this next obstacle in my life and can close this chapter.

Hope is a good thing maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

I am still here,been through alot, brought my debt down so much and will finish this if last thing I do, and still won't stop till this is done.


Thank you

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

Good to see you popping back in! How’s your progress?

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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt

Hope all is well. Happy New Year.
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Re: Huge Credit Card Debt



Good to see you!!! Happy New Year!!!


Stop for that 2020 steak dinner. Smiley Happy

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