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I Love Credit Sesame

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I Love Credit Sesame

So I just logged in to CS to check my December update. (Yes I know it's FAKO) Due to a home remodeling project I am in the middle of my CC utilization is increasing at the moment. It is showing as 36% on the USAA Credit Monitoring. So my CS score is down (-24 points to 677). Anyway, on their positive points for my score they say:

- Your utilization is less than 50%Smiley Surprised

- It's not the worst credit score we've ever seenSmiley Very Happy


I'm not sure how to feel about those comments as the positives. I think my self-esteem needs a boost tonight. Maybe I can convince the cat to show me some attention when I get home. Treats in the pocket usually do the trick!

Best financial advice I ever got: "Just imagine what an adult would do and do that."

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