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I admit I am not a fan of NFCU

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I admit I am not a fan of NFCU

Ok... 5 months (4 1/2) ago I created a topic because I opened an account with NFCU and I didn't feel the "luv" most others have been given. They started me out with a $500 CLOC and $500 Plat.

2 days ago I decided I would try to see if they would increase the CLOC. Instant denial and hard pull Equifax.

I thought maybe this was because I have a fraud alert on my credit report so I called in. The CSR said it was a flat out no from what she could see. I waited until the next day (24th) and called again to speak to the "loan dept" instead of a csr. The kid on the phone was very nice. He said to me "I don't know why you were denied because it is in the letter that was sent out to you and I can't see that. But from what I do see I have no idea why you would have been denied. Your report and banking history with us looks good".

I then explained that I have a fraud alert on my CR and maybe that could be a reason?

He said he wanted to put me on hold while he talked to the UW's dept to see if he could get additional info. I was on hold about 5 mins. The kid comes back and says he couldn't get any additional info but that the UW said the reason for denial and instructions to appeal will be in the letter.

Ok... Today at 2pm I get notified by Equifax that NFCU just did another hard pull! Has this happened to anyone else and if I call in will they recode this hard pull to a soft?

I didn't ask for a cli on my plat because I was going to ask for that at the 6 month mark and apply for a second card. Right now I am regretting ever getting in a relationship with NFCU but hoping next month (dec) things will be more positive.

Thanks for any advice you fine people can give me. I been lurking around here for the past year and everything I know about credit I learned from you! I wish my parents or school had taught this but at least I now have all of you to learn from. Thanks again!
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Re: I admit I am not a fan of NFCU

If you did not authorize the pull, call them back and ask them to recode as soft pull inquiry. Hopefully, they can change it for you.

Wait for the denial letter. If you care to share the details, perhaps members here can help you dissect it.

Navy and you are in the getting to know you stage. Once history has been established, they will open the flood gates.

Lots of data points show happy members who originally started off dissatisfied and on the lighter side of credit limits.

Hopefully, you'll be rewarded with your patience when your 6 months are up with an approval and CLI.
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Re: I admit I am not a fan of NFCU

Got it. I guess I should have updated but I forgot I even posted this rant on myfico.

I did call NFCU about an hour and a half after the inquiry. They claim they only ran it once.

I got a notification on my Equifax credit monitoring that I pay for. I received a notification on my Experian credit monitoring. Credit Karma. And will check credit sesame and wallet hub tomorrow. They definitely ran it twice.

She refused to recode or remove the inquiry. She told me to dispute it with Equifax. I explained that I shouldn't have to do that since it is their error.

She then tells me she can dispute it for me but it will take a couple months to go through the process. I tell her that is fine and to file the dispute for me. She then asked me to hold.

Taylor comes back on the line 5 minutes later and tells me I need to go to annualcreditreport and get a free copy of my report showing that there are 2 inquiries and once I mail them my credit report proving that what I am saying is true that she can then start a dispute.

At this point I hung up on Taylor and sent Equifax a dispute letter.

Whew... Dec 10th I will have a 6 month marriage to NFCU. If she hasn't taken our marriage serious after that I am filing for separation. Lol
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Re: I admit I am not a fan of NFCU

Keep us updated if you are successful with recode.

December 10th isn't that far off in the credit world. Maybe that's when you can celebrate a honeymoon.
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Re: I admit I am not a fan of NFCU

Would you grant someone a loan if they had a fraud alert on their credit report? I think not. 


What is the fraud alert for? 



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Re: I admit I am not a fan of NFCU

[mod cut] Lot's of people place fraud alerts on their profiles as an added level of security to avoid identity theft. In fact I can turn the fraud alert on and off just like the credit freeze. [mod cut - KiB]

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Re: I admit I am not a fan of NFCU

Good luck getting help in here Smiley Happy

You state you have a fraud alert on your reports for the sole purpose of "added security", but then complain you can't get more credit possibly due to the fraud alert. Sounds like it might be working? NFCU loves their pulls. I've learned to not stress over them anymore. They have double pulled me more than once for initial cl's & cli's.

I'm not going to get into the whole "fraud alert for added security".

Anyways, I started off with NFCU at $500 cc, and it took awhile for them to warm up, but they are great now Smiley Happy

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Re: I admit I am not a fan of NFCU

Yea... Definitely don't need help. Just went to look at NFCU reviews and they have a 1.9 stars. Lol!

Mods can close this since I found what I was looking for using google. Just as I suspected that NFCU isn't that "great" of a bank.
www. consumeraffairs .com/finance/navy_federal .html
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Re: I admit I am not a fan of NFCU

@Biggcraze wrote: I specifically asked had anyone had a double hard pull. Not once did I ask for "help" getting credit. I have tons of credit already and was attempting to grow my relationship with NFCU. That is all. 

To answer your question, yes I have had experience with a double HP with a CU. Not NFCU, another one. I was able to go through the process of having it removed by filling out the proper forms and waiting what seemed like an eternity. So it can be done if followed through correctly, some FI's simply don't want to be bothered by it and are restistant at first. But if you're serious about wanting it being removed it requires perstistence and patience on your part. TBH though one HP shouldn't matter if you're not racking them up, because they'll eventually fall off.


As for tons of Credit with others, then you shouldn't make it personal if one out of many don't particularly like your profile. It's certainly not personal with them. I'm curious how CLI's would work out with your other lenders having Credit Freeze and Fraud Alert active?

Likely the same thing

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Re: I admit I am not a fan of NFCU

I would lke to remind everyone to please remember to be FSR . Thank you.

As for Navy, we all must make our own opinion on them by our own experiences. I myself have more hps that gave nothing from Navy then one would think possible lol but its the price we pay seeking credit.

As for the fr ar ud alert, it doesnt have to be a negative as implied in earlier thread. I myself have one, yes for my added security, just because i like the extra step it requires for soliciting credit since im sure some part of my info is out there thanks to the ineptitude of Equifax. There is nothing wrong with placing a fraud alert on your account snd still solicite credit or a loan. Its just mesnt they need to take extra steps to verify you are applying. I dont think a fraud alert in and of itself is cause for denial but more based on ones profile.

We can all get along if everyone can at least respect everyone has different opinions and discussion is fine just kerp it respectfulSmiley Happy. Good luck Op in your future endeaversSmiley Happy
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