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I called transunion


I called transunion


So on Credit Karma, our transunion account has not updated that we have a Chase credit card (yes, they 100% report) but the guy at transunion said the account was added on June 5th. Our credit karma updated June 13th and the account isn’t even on it.

We are trying to get pre approved for a house so we want to run our credit. Do you think if we run it it will show to our lender? We need them to see that line of credit. Could credit karma just be slow to update? Thanks!
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Re: I called transunion

Yes, they lag. If you're looking for a mortgage you should be pulling your fico scores anyways to get ready and those come with the reports to verify.

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Re: I called transunion

Since the TU rep claimed it was added, that means they can prob see it on your report.  You can check your TU report on their website ( - their free service allows daily report pulls & will have the most up-to-date TU data.


Or, go to  and get your free reports from all three bureaus.  This  is the only federally mandated site for obtaining a free credit report (reports only, no scores).  -- the reports received will be more comprehensive; you can confirm if the account has reported to all 3 bureaus. 


 +1 for getting your FICO mortgage scores as suggested by previous poster.

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Re: I called transunion

@Badbrad wrote:

So on Credit Karma...
We are trying to get pre approved for a house.....

If you're thinking of buying a house, Credit Karma is not where you should be looking . Get your actual FICO scores and not CK's Vantage scores.





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Re: I called transunion

Why are you not talking to the lender directly?  Many people make the mistake of getting Ficos scores that may not get pulled by the lenders, they use a Tri-merge report, which may have different scores. Get pre-approved with your lender 1st, they dont pull credit on the 1st meeting, they will gather information and ask for documents. Its a process and when they give you a number, you work with your realtor to help you find a home with you. A good lender and realtor will help smooth out the process for you, just give them what they ask for and that wont delay the escrow closing, when you find that home.

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