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I feel like i'm taking crazy pills!!

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I feel like i'm taking crazy pills!!

Here it is.  My scores are TU-659 EX-641 and EQ-665 but I have about 5 baddies that keep me from getting any credit card with a reasonable CL. (BTW, all my baddies are over 2 years old, my recent history is perfect)  The 2 cards I do have have a 300 CL and a 375 CL which stinks as far as available credit goes.  I have an auto loan that I needed a co-signer to get, but i've been paying on time for almost two years now.  So I feel like if scores were all lenders looked at I'd be able to get something decent since my scores aren't hideous, not great I know, but certainly not hideous.  Its that baddies on the CRs that are hurting my chances.  Now call me crazy but  I honestly think I would rather have a score of 580 with no baddies on the CR rather than a score of 660 with some baddies.  Thanks for listening to my rant

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Re: I feel like i'm taking crazy pills!!

Your FICO scores might me higher than the three you posted.

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Re: I feel like i'm taking crazy pills!!

I agree with llecs.


Where did you get those scores? No one has been able to pull their own Experian FICO score since February of 2009. Creditors can pull Experian and also there is a CU in Pennsylvania that supplies that information to it's members only. You can only buy true FICO scores at a few places. One place is here at myfico. I suggest you do an internet search for "myfico discount codes" to save a little money. You can also purchase your Equifax score at (If you look hard enough) and your Transunion score at



From a BK years ago to:
9/09 EX pulled by lender 802
3/10 EQ- 800
4/10 TU -772

You can do the same thing with hard work

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Re: I feel like i'm taking crazy pills!!

My credit union pulled my EX score and I got it from them.  Yeah its crappy that EX is so user un-friendly now, I did however pull my EX Vantage score from TC and it was within 15 points of what my credit union told me my FICO was.  Do you know if there are any lenders or cc companies who only look at scores and not the CR?  Just out of curiosity. 

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Re: I feel like i'm taking crazy pills!!

What are the five specfic "baddies" on your CR?

Some deteriorate in impact after two years, and some dont.  30 and 60-day lates show deterioration, but 90+ lates, charge-offs, collections, and public records dont show significant deterioration.

I suggest you concentrate on when these derogs will, or can be, removed.

For each OC account, what is the date and severity of each monthly derog on the account, and what is the DOFD on that account, if there is either a CO or CA on that account.



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