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I hope someone can share suggestions

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I hope someone can share suggestions

I began leasing a vehicle from Drivetime in 7/16 in AZ, I relocated to MI for work in 9/17 and was in the process of getting my vehicle transported.  As always life happens and I was not able to get my car to me right away.  In addition, I fell behind in my payments to the point of recovery status.  The vehicle is in transit to me NOW from where it was being held by the transportation company (I fell behind with them too). I am now in a position to try to get back on track and when I contacted Drivetime, they stated that they closed my account and was not able to recover the vehicle and that I' considered as a "do not do business with."  I don't know what to do?   Drivetime didn't seem to care that I was trying to re-establish my account or that I wanted to make payments.  What does all this mean?

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Re: I hope someone can share suggestions

I would think it means that they considered you a skip, that you defaulted on the sales contract (you didn't pay) and ran off with the collateral; since they still hold title, you are (or soon will be) in posession of a car that isn't yours and to which you have no claim or title. You would have been much further ahead had you simply driven it to one of their locations and dropped it off when you couldn't pay your obligations. 

Since they have coded you no new business, I think it unlikely that they will help to reverse these circumstances you find yourself in, but I would think that their cooperation is crucial to any resolution you might hope for.


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Re: I hope someone can share suggestions

Perhaps they have cancelled the debt, and thus no longer make any claim.  In that event, the debt would be discharged.

I would not rely upon a phone rep to make a legal determination of whether they can or will still accept payments as an alternative to seeking the vehicle and reestablishing the account.  I would call their executive office and speak with a higher level manager who has authority to grant an exception to whatever policy they may generally be imposing on their phone reps.  


Unless they have cancelled the debt obligation, they can still pursue it, such as by seeking repo of the vehicle at any time and attempt to recoup their apparent total loss of the debt obligation.

If they have cancelled the debt, then they should have sent a form 1099c to the IRS and to you.

I assume you never received a 1099c?


I would not just give in until you are clearly aware of the legal status of any remaining debt obligation, and I would not rely upon the statements of a phone rep for their legal determination.



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