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I'm worried!--Mortgage

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Re: I'm worried!--Mortgage

Another option would be to raise your purchase price, say by $3000 and ask for a credit for the same amount for your closing costs.  This would free up your cash to pay down some debt. 
Here is an example.  Say you have written an offer for $150k and it has been accepted.  Have your realtor contact the listing agent and ask to ammend the purchase contract so that it reads that you purchase the house for $153k with a credit from the seller for $3000 towards your closing costs.  Essentially what you are doing is financing your closing costs.  The only problem could be if the house won appraise for the higher amount, but, if not you are not getting a good deal on the house anyway.
This is pretty common, especially as this is a buyers market throughout most of the country.  Hope everything works out.
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Re: I'm worried!--Mortgage

from my recent experience, they freak out when your score lowers after pre-approval
mine lowered 16 points and that almost cost me the loan
but i got it back up to what it was, and i'm still worried...
no matter what, it will always be something until the day i move in the house
try not to change anything else and pay it off if possible
if that's not possible, just tell your loan officer if you have one, will help, they don't like surprises and he/she can prepare for it
or they will advise you what to do,..leave it up to the professionals in this situation
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