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I would love to hear your opinions please...

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I would love to hear your opinions please...


In 2005 my identity was stolen and 3 credit cards were opened in my name.

One with Orchard bank. I filed a police report in and affidavits with the 3 creditors saying that I didn't open those accounts. There are no signed documents and my signature is not on any of the credit card slips etc. Basically I thought all the creditors removed the information from my reports.

Not quite. I see today that there is a Portfolio Acquisitions on my report regarding Household (Orchard). I research and can't find info on them anywhere other than their mailing address.

I call Orchard and talk with one of the reps. They say that they can see that I was the victim of identity theft and that the matter is closed as far as they are concerned in 2005!

But (there's always a but) somehow OSI is now in control of the "debt". So I get on the phone with them and they say it is now at a lawyers office, Mann, Bracken and Layng.

Now, I call the lawyers who state that they tried to serve me at an old work address. I was pretty pee'd at this point. I explained everything to them but they acted like they weren't going to do anything about it. I argued a little more and they said they would contact the client (I assume OSI) and see if this debt is from an identity theft.

I get back on the phone with OSI and they say its not their responsibility to contact Orchard to get it all cleared up. So I call Orchard and they say there is nothing they can do as it is locked down on their end.

I'm kinda stuck here and no one, not Orchard, not OSI or Mann, Bracken and Layng seems to be able to help me.

I ended up having Orchard reopen an investigation into the 2 year old Identity theft, luckily I still have copies of the police report.

What/who should be helping me resolve this? The OC or CA or Lawyers? Thanks!
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Re: I would love to hear your opinions please...

I would start with the lawyers, keep in contact with them send them over copies of your police report.  I would then contact  Orchard again who agreed that you were a victim of ID theft and have them send you something stating that fact.   I would then send copies of that to the Lawyer and OSI as well.  If this is not getting you anywhere, then yes hire an attorney.    If you can record all phone calls of you and the attorney's and OSI and Orchard.
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Re: I would love to hear your opinions please...

You know what, still do all that but don't wait to hire an attorney, I would do it now.   You need to fight this and you need to level the playing field.
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