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ID Theft keeps being sold to debt buyers.

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ID Theft keeps being sold to debt buyers.

It is supposedly illegal to sell a debt reported to the FTC as identity theft. Yet all this creditor did was declare it wasn't valid and sold it to a debt buyer. The debt buyer keeps verifying it when I report it to TU. So it comes off and then is put back on. I sent certified letters to everyone with the FTC flyer that states the laws to no avail. It's been put back on twice. The debt buyer sent me one old statement from 2019 as validation.

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Re: ID Theft keeps being sold to debt buyers.

Who is the OC? Who is the debt buyer?

When the ID theft instance occurred, did you file any police reports and/or freeze any of your credit reports? You mentioned TU, is it also reporting on EQ and/or EX?

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