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Identity Theft?

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Identity Theft?

So I'm posting on here hoping for some guidance because some of this situation is definitely strange to me.

September 18 - Notified on Cap One and Discover and MyFico about my information being found on dark web. Specifically email and password. Immediately change it.

October 18 - Notified another name/Last name and city/state with my social. Check credit reports, nothing opened or new. Freeze Equifax, Experian, transunion, Inovis.

Wait a few months, nothing is changing.

December 2018 - Went to open Chase checking, social pulls up other person. The representative sees no accounts, I get frustrated and worried. - Went to social security office, not much help but told to file police report and if/when damages occur then possible social security number change. - Went back to Chase, another rep looked at closed accounts. Saw 2 Chase Slate opened in 2007 ams charge off in 2010. - They are investigating and the branch faxed them a copy of my license and my social security card. Was told over phone 7-10 business days. In branch was told 20 business days.

Now the strange part, these cards do not come up on my credit report. My free annual reports or MyFico.

Going to call FTC and notify tomorrow.

Main concerns,
1)How do I get rid of this problem?
2)I personally want to establish relationship with Chase. But this situation is making me doubtful.
3)How do I check other institutions besides going to each and every one? (For instance, I also wanted AMEX)
4)I need to get passport to go out of country to visit sick grandfather. Will/could this situation affect that?
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Re: Identity Theft?

Mod, please delete. Smiley Sad

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Re: Identity Theft?

Op, this is a complicated situation to make out. Right now, with the threat of your identity being possibly stolen, I would just focus on getting that cleared up first. If not, this can easily lead to more problems. Get this handled, then you can concern yourself with Chase and anyone else. This can be a serious situation and you want to get resolve to it asap.

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