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Imagine Visa

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Re: Imagine Visa

trinigal wrote:
Hehehe!! Cory, you're a rockstar!!!

Why thank you, so are you!Smiley Wink
Now I'm just waiting to see what they'll do now.

Message Edited by Cory on 06-22-2007 06:58 AM
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Re: Imagine Visa

I have a Tribute Mastercard and I have been happier with them then I have with First Premier. My one year anniversary isnt until Sept and I have received two CLI without asking for them and I have a 0% APR until Sept then it only goes up to 9.9%. I called and spoke with them the other day to find out about getting a better deal on the annual fee and I was told that in Sept they review the file and based on the payment history and payment amounts they will most likely reduce the Annual Fee.
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