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In the 700's! :-)

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Re: In the 700's! :-)

@1984 wrote:
Chase reported me at 1% this morning. I was super excited until I realized they had switched to a vantage 3.0 score and is no longer a fico. I feel stressed. *Sigh* It said I was at 761. But my other "vantage" is at 775. The roller coaster ride from thinking this was a true fico then seeing it isn't sucks.

Go to Experian and do the 7 day $1 trial. You'll be able to see all 3 of your scores for $1 and then you can cancel right after! I personally pay monthly for my scores as I like that I can see my EX FICO score updated daily, plus pull all 3 every 30 days.

I think I've found the sacred map that may lead me to this garden everyone keeps talking about.

Officially collection free as of 3/19/19!!
STARTING SCORES: 377 (11/2013) & 580 (3/2018)
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Re: In the 700's! :-)

1984 Congrats to you!!!!  That's awesoem and has to be such a good feeling for you!   However, I would like to suggest one correction for you in a small bit of your thinking now that you are making much better financial decisions!


In your intro post here you wrote, "...and it's all be cause of you."   No sir...  This great forum and wonderful people here may have provided you thier personal expereinces, guidance and suggestions, but YOU sir, did the work!  YOU had the thoughts, which led to your decisions and you made the choices.  YOU made the conscious effort to come here and YOU did the work!   


For me it can be difficult at times to "own" that I did something that was good and healthy for myself that bettered my own situation, but over time I have learned that at times, it's good and healthy to own that for myself and to say, "That's right..."I" did that!  LOL! Smiley Happy


My point, is congrats again and you truly deserve to pat yourself on the back.  You did the work. Smiley Happy  Keep it up!!!

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