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Innovis Credit Report!!

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Re: Innovis Credit Report!!

This thread is a little old so hopefully this doesn't get lost Smiley Happy


nevertooldtolearn - my husband keeps getting random Chase card inquiries that he has not applied for. Who did you contact at Chase if you don't mind me asking? I disputed them with Chase a few months ago and they responded with a letter asking me to mail them back a copy of his credit report showing where they pulled it because they didn't see any credit inquiries Smiley Mad They are definitely there! It happens around every 3-4 months! Thanks!!

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Re: Innovis Credit Report!!

Are these hp or sp? if they are sp they could be credit reviews (if you're already a customer) or reviews to offer you products and services based on the report.  But, if they are hp's then you've got a different issue.  Ask CRA's for your actual reports if they are there as hp's then continue discussion with Chase (ie, send them the information you have showing hp's are happing, not at your request), as a last resort freeze the report and only lift the freeze when you are apping for credit.  JMHO

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