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Innovis -- huh?

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Re: Innovis -- huh?

@plasticman wrote:

I have not had a creditor rely on Innovis for my credit report. However, my insurance company, State Farm, did pull my Innovis report before underwriting  insurance for my cars and home.


I pull my Innovis report once per year, for free, as allowed by law. 

That's interesting ... what state r u in??


I was always under the impression as far as auto it was your driving records/past claims/Credit report/Credit Score is what they went by.  Robert mentioned in an earlier post that innovis does not have it's own version of a Fico score.  Maybe you have to contact your statefarm UW to know for sure what they actually looked for and attained.


This is all new to me i never even heard of these ppl much less any entity that draws upon them for basis of financial risk management.

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Re: Innovis -- huh?

Not wanting to get off topic, but for insurance, many different factors go into your rates.  Some of which are credit score where allowed by law, Location, Distance Driven, etc.  Different states have different laws regarding insurance and what they can use to determine how to dig into your pockets Smiley Wink

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Re: Innovis -- huh?

@daboss28 wrote:

@llecs wrote:

Funny. In part, due to this thread, I ordered my Innovis for the first time. It'll be here by Friday next.

Plz  do let us know if they have your entire reportable credit history ... for I am very curious about that....

Well, it came in today. I opened it and read it on the way back to the office and unfortunately I left it in the car, but from what I recall, it was a simple report of 7-8 pages. It listed some basic demographic info then listed all of my accounts....all 5 or 6 of them. I do remember seeing CapOne, BofA, PNC, Target, and it also had at least one or two of the following: Juniper, Wells Fargo,  and/or Discover. I clearly remember that my Amex, HSBC cards, Macys, or Bloomies weren't reporting. There were no baddies reporting. Each TL had just a mention of the payment history and also listed my demographic info next to each TL of which they reported and included my name, address, and my phone and b-day in most cases. I had no hard inquiries and it did list one soft inquiry of CBCS, which is a CA. Smiley Surprised ...but I haven't dealt with them in years. And that's it. Most of the pages were legal mumbo jumbo and info on how to dispute.

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Re: Innovis -- huh?

I forgot to follow up, my report came back with only three accounts of which 2 are in DMP (closed but with a balance that is being paid off slowly). I'm not going to lose any sleep over them.

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