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Inquiries from utility companies (Hard Pulls)

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Inquiries from utility companies (Hard Pulls)

I moved less than two years ago and I have two hard pulls from the utility companies that I had to open accounts with in order to watch tv and have heat in the house. Is it normal for them to use hard pulls to open an account? I was under impression those were supposed to be soft pulls.

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Re: Inquiries from utility companies (Hard Pulls)

It isn't uncommon now for utilities (including phone service and cable/dish service) to hit you up with an inquiry when you sign up. There's no requirement that the inquiry has to be a soft. If you moved over a year ago, then the inquiries are no longer impacting your FICO score and will cease to report around the two-year mark.

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Re: Inquiries from utility companies (Hard Pulls)

The credit pull is justified as an intiated business transaction on your part. FCRA 604(a)(3)(F)(i).

 How they code it is not regulated.

Contact them to request their inquiry code reporting be updated to a code that does not enter into FICO scoring.

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