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Installment loan without hard inquiry?

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Installment loan without hard inquiry?

Does anyone know how/were I might get an installment loan reported on my credit report without undergoing a hard inquiry?


Any and all methods or suggestions are welcome.


Previous post that I found here on these forums:


No actual answers were given to the poster's questions, everyone was just telling him how bad an idea it was.

I understand this might not be a great idea for many people, but I'm genuinely interested in the answer so I'd appreciate answers that are actually focused on the question instead of giving me advice on how this is a bad or good idea, although fire away with your opinions if you like, I can't do anything about itSmiley Happy.

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Re: Installment loan without hard inquiry?

Take a look at this,  All you need to do is read the first few posts,  The lender we recommend is Alliant which does no hard pull.for their SS Loan.

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