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Is This Account Reporting Accurately?

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Is This Account Reporting Accurately?

I have this old CO on my credit reports.  I am hoping for EE in June, but in the mean time, is the way this is reporting hurting more than it should?  As you can see from the screenshot, this debt was PIF on 4/29/2016, so almost 3 years ago.  But the only history showing is an X for December 2018.  Is this anything to attempt to have corrected?


TU Reporting of VADMC.PNG


Starting 5/2018

Current 3/2019
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Re: Is This Account Reporting Accurately?

Creditors dont report an "x" that simply designates the month as being "not current."

Payment history profile reporting, as detailed in the CRA reporting manual, titled the Credit Reporting Resource Guide, requires designation of the extent of the monthly delinquency, either as days delinquent (e.g., 90-late) or as CO, which then, coupled by the required reporting of DOFD once any CO has been reported, also permits determination of the period since initial delinquency.


Additionally, if the account was paid in 4/2016, then the payment history profile cannot show a delinquency status for any month thereafter, making any reporting of delinquency status in 12/2018 clearly inaccurate.


You can clearly support a dispute of accuracy of a payment history profile reporting of prior delinquency after the account no longer had continued delinquency.

However, you may wish to proceed with caution, as filing a dispute may result in the creditor going back and showing each and every prior monthly delinquency.


What is not shown in the report is the DOFD, which alone controls the credit report exclusion date and establishes the extent of the delinquency at time it was paid and removed from subsequent delinquency status.

I would obtain a more complete credit report from prior to any dispute, and get the reported DOFD.

It may all, once excluded based on DOFD, become academic.

A more complete credit report may also show a more complete payment history profile, as the one posted is fraught with problems.....

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