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Is it possible to remove paid off closed account?

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Is it possible to remove paid off closed account?

I have a Destiny Genesis card $300 limit... I have two lates due to an auto pay issue, my old bank account was still attached to auto pay. 

That was last year... it show as 2 30 day lates one in May and the other in December 2021. 

I just paid it off and closed the account. 

since they will not remove the late payments (after several attempts) can I just dispute it and try to remove the whole tradeline. I only had it for 1 year, it will hurt my age of credit a little bit which is 2.9 years but that's better than the lates. 

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Re: Is it possible to remove paid off closed account?

Well you could try, but it's highly unlikely they'd delete the whole TL either. And if you do decide to try to get it removed, I certainly wouldn't use a dispute to go about it. That's not what disputes were designed for. They were designed for inaccuracies, not information we don't like/don't want on our reports. The approach to use would be GW removal of the entire TL, but if you said they already didn't agree to a removal of the lates, then I doubt they'd agree to removal of the whole TL.

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