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Is this true about "Installments"?

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Re: Is this true about "Installments"?

The Equifax score used here is the Beacon 5.0 Classic, which is the one still used by the mortgage industry and most others who pull FICO's.


It's the TU score provided here (and by TU) which is ancient. Smiley Mad (C'mon, TU, get with the program!)


However, auto lenders frequently pull a modified FiCO score called an industry-enhanced score, for auto loans in this case, which aims to better predict credit risk for loans. It's still a FICO (as opposed to a FAKO), but it doesn't match your EQ FICO/ Beacon 5.0.


There is a newer version of all three FICO scores called FICO 08, but it's just barely beginning to penetrate the lending industry. Lenders are slow to change, especially after the last 2 years we've all gone through.

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