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Jugement Vacated...

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Jugement Vacated...

I had a judgement vacated back in January have disputed it through all three credit bureaus, yet Experian WILL NOT delete.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Jugement Vacated...

You may have to send them a copy of the court order saying the judgment was vacated. I believe there is an option when disputing inaccurate data online to upload supporting docs. I would try that first and if they still don't delete it then send your supporting docs to them through the mail with a letter explaining the situation.

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Re: Jugement Vacated...

Documentation is a good way to go. It's hard to argue against them. I agree, go that route and see what happens. That should satisfy them.

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Re: Jugement Vacated...

Have you reviewed the actual public record posting to see if it has been updated?

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