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Learn from my bad experience: -15 EQ FICO


Learn from my bad experience: -15 EQ FICO

I'm a big FICO score risk taker.  On Friday I opened a new CC w/ $15K CL then on Saturday I requested four CL increases.  I've had my car four months now and I've already refinanced it twice. I'm on the third bank.  I take big risks with my score because it's paid off in big gains. However, I made a mistake that cost me 15 FICO points on my EQ credit report.  Since EQ is the one everyone checks over here in the East coast, it hurts.  My mistake was requesting a CL increase from Citibank and not calling them to specifically request a soft hit.  Try calling creditors for credit line increases instead of performing them online.  In the end, both CB and Chase approved my increases however Chase did it without a hard pull.  Have you had any good/bad experiences or observations on the FICO formula that you haven't seen discussed? Please share with us. 
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Re: Learn from my bad experience: -15 EQ FICO

Taking such a huge hit for minuscule things like Inqs is one of the major downfalls of having a higher score. For example, an Inq would never cost you 15pts if you had a 550 with 20 existing Inqs. Smiley Happy
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