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Lenders Can't Pull my Equifax Report

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Lenders Can't Pull my Equifax Report

Applying for a mortgage through 2 separate lenders and they are both able to pull from Transunion and Experian without an issue but they are unable to generate/ pull a report from Equifax. When they try to make a pull they are receiving the attached message "Equifax remark: inquiry information identified as fraudulent by consumer - report not available". Lender is using correct name and address, I'm also able to see my credit report through MyEquifax and third party credit reporting services.


Some back story, I did dispute something as "not mine" back in October and I researched and found out that EQ will place a 7 year extended fraud lock on any disputed accounts. When I call in and speak to a supervisor or any other rep, they keep thinking I am asking to remove the reglar fraud lock that is initiated on They can't find any 7 year fraud lock on my account or have an idea of what I'm talking about, does this go by another name? 


I also noticed 2x "Credit File Status Report Blocked for Promotional Purposes" on my account, assuming these are from opting out and are unrelated?

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Re: Lenders Can't Pull my Equifax Report

@atrocity123, Hi and welcome to myFICO forums.


Yes Equifax seems  to be having issues, so you are not alone ..

One of my lenders tried to HP EQ on 4-18 for a CLI and could not.


On 4-11 Citi was successful.


Not sure if this was a glitch or still ongoing?



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Re: Lenders Can't Pull my Equifax Report

Did your lender say they received an error statement from Rquifax? Can you keep me updated if that other lender is able to succesfully pull your credit report?

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