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Long time lurker.... THANK YOU!

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Long time lurker.... THANK YOU!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a big big thank you to everyone in my first post. I have been a long time lurker on this forum and figured it was time to give back and post my credit journey! When I was in college I had a significant other that I co-signed a car for (horrible choice) and had opened up a few cards in my name and maxed them out and left me straddled with unknown debt, late payment and collections. My three scores were in the upper 400s and I had no end in sight prior to finding this forum. I had $4500 in collections between charge offs and medical bills, utility bills (put in my name by her) and all sorts of odds and ends. I did not see a way to improve my score. After college I actually became a credit analyst for a bank and later a F500 company for commercial lending and I got tired of explaining away my low credit scores and the stress that came before every background check, and quite frankly was embarrassed. A year and a half ago I figured I would start to make the slow climb up the credit ladder. I had a cap one platinum card with a $300 limit and a qs1 with a 500 limit from before all this went wrong, which provided an okay base along with 2 private student loan and 1 federal. The 2 private had 5 years of on time payments which provided a little bit of a buffer for me. Now I started tackling my credit card debt and collections. My collections were as follows:


lNVN funding from a charged off credit card-857

Cavalry portfolio services -1879

and a couple other odds and ends collections for medical bills. 
Once I paid lnvn funding and cavalry they automatically did a PFD without me even asking and had it removed from my credit including the original charged off trade line. (New policy) 


after I got my collections taken care of I had a pre qualify from chase bank and a credit union. I got approved the following cards:


Ashley card $1000 sl 8 months ago auto bump to $2500 this month 

care credit $850 sl auto bump to $1850 this month 

chase freedom unlimited 3 months ago $500 sl - auto cli to $1000 this month 

chase freedom 2 months ago - $1500 SL

CEFCU credit union - $500 sl 5 months ago 

AMEX delta gold this month - $2000 SL

AMEX everyday card - $1000 SL this month 


now I am headed to the garden after a couple of denials with scores of experian 679 equifax 630 TransUnion 685. I am going to garden these cards for two years since I am looking at a mortgage in a year and a half. 

just wanted to share my story and give you all a big thanks and get introduced to the board! I am going to be posting much more. Thank you all! 


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Re: Long time lurker.... THANK YOU!



Welcome To myFICO Forums !!!


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Re: Long time lurker.... THANK YOU!

A well deserved congratulations!!🎈🎉🍾🎊 

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Re: Long time lurker.... THANK YOU!

Hey there!  Glad you came out of the shadows to post your success story......sharing will always help someone else that's lurking too.  So Congrats to YOU and thanks for a great read!  Look forward to reading more from you.Smiley Wink

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Re: Long time lurker.... THANK YOU!

Thank you all,  I appreciate it! I look forward to bringing my tips and tricks and intel on different collections agencies (I've dealt with a lot) and hopefully my credit analyst expertise will bring some valuable insight to the board!

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Re: Long time lurker.... THANK YOU!

Sorry you had to start from that place, but I appreciate you sharing your story with us. Congratulations on the progress you have made thus far - wishing you continued success! 

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Re: Long time lurker.... THANK YOU!

Welcome! Looks like you've done a great job! 

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Re: Long time lurker.... THANK YOU!

Congrats! You are on a new runway and heading for bigger successes. Stay in your current seat and your journey will have many more pleasant stops!

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Re: Long time lurker.... THANK YOU!

Congratulations on your successes and welcome to the board!! This place brings a lot of hope for people in dark places. It's truly possible to get out from bad just have to take the first step. 

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Re: Long time lurker.... THANK YOU!

whoops, wrong thread.

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