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Looks like Apple Increased The Maximum Number of Cards In Apple Wallet

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Re: Apple Digital Wallet - 16 CCs Supported

Yup, iPhone 6 series is hardware limited to 8 slots. 

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Re: Apple Digital Wallet - 16 CCs Supported

I realized Wallet becomes too slow when adding multiple cards, especially launching to Apple Card. I have the 12 Pro and still see that issue. 

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Re: Looks like Apple Increased The Maximum Number of Cards In Apple Wallet

@Jordan23ww wrote:

***Post update: I've been told that the new Wallet Card limit is now 16 cards. You must be running iOS 15 version 3 or higher to unlock this!

Today my Apple Wallet on my iPhone is all of a sudden allowing me to add more than 12 cards. Usually I get a message I’m at the maximum number of 12, which I always thought was unfair because the Apple Cash Card counts as 1 of the 12 and I had no say in adding it, but I digress.

Today so far it has allowed me to reach 14 cards and the option to add even more cards is still available. I can’t add more than 12 to my Apple Watch though. I dont know yet what the new maximum is. I also don’t know if it is tied to a specific iOS as I am running iOS 15 Public Beta 3, which I installed yesterday! Someone on iOS 14 try it out and let me know if you can add more than 12 cards too!

I feel like I already know the answer, but I'll ask if anyone knows. When I got my last phone, they were out of iPhone SE 2020, so I took an iPhone 7. This phone supported less cards, does anyone know if the card limit was increased on this phone too? Other than this phone having a small battery and not having qi charging, and the smaller virtual wallet and needing to have more physical cards has been a major bummer, this could be a nice upgrade.

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