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Manipulative "Sesame Potential" graphic

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Manipulative "Sesame Potential" graphic

I'm not sure if this has been around for a while, or if it's a new addition to the Credit Sesame front end.  They've got this "Sesame Potential" fluff graphic that shows you your current VS 3.0 TU score then to the right what it potentially could be if you follow their #1 action (suggestion).  For the profile with the image below, the #1 action to gain 19 points is to pay for a credit repair service (link/number provided, of course for the kickback) in hopes of reducing negative items from 6 total to 3 total.  As most of us are aware, when it comes to multiple negative items the age of them and severity of each one are what matters, where actual number of them when you're talking multiples is far less relevant.  It's possible for someone to go from 6 negative items to 3 negative items and not see a single point increase. 


Anyway, just another manipulative graphic by a free CMS that could twist the arm of someone less informed.



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Re: Manipulative "Sesame Potential" graphic

Lol. I noticed this today too. Normally I don’t even check my CS account but with CCT merging with other Experian accounts I’m feinding for scores until I can pull my monthly in about a week.

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Re: Manipulative "Sesame Potential" graphic

If you just noticed it I'm guessing that it is something new and not simply something I've overlooked in the past.  Gotta love manipulative free CMS pushes for products Smiley Wink 

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Re: Manipulative "Sesame Potential" graphic

That's  level up misleading compared to plain CC peddling. 

Undead Danny Trejo looks strangely like dead Danny Trejo, who looks exactly like alive Danny Trejo. Thanks, Netflix!
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Re: Manipulative "Sesame Potential" graphic

I get constant emails stating that my "new score is banging" and then it directs me to a credit card I don't want. I do see the potential increase stuff on their site as well. It's been there for as long as I've been registered which was October 2018
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Re: Manipulative "Sesame Potential" graphic

CS tries to give me the #1 recommendation to add another CC to improve my profile/score. 


I already have 8 CCs and limits high enough that another card would literally do nothing to improve my score.  Not even a single point.  In fact, my scores would all drop around 20 points from the AoYA drop from 20 months to 0 months... but these CMS recommendations don't tell you that part.  They even have a fun little fluff/fancy slider bar letting you "pick" how much additional credit you'd like to have on that hypothetical next card you may apply for, perhaps suggesting that more=better in terms of additional credit.

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