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Maxing 70% to 90% of credit line?

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Re: Maxing 70% to 90% of credit line?

Thank you very much for your informative posting.
I was approved for the Amex Clear Card with a credit limit of $10K.  I bt the needed amounts to bring my utilization down to 50% and below on my credit cards.  I don't plan to use that card until it is PIF and I'm sticking to another  card for my basic purchases.  That card I PIF every month or carry a balance of no more than 9% of its CL.
I am pretty much where I want to be with my credit cards for  now. Of course lower would be ideal, but have  you ever had  that feeling that you had better leave well enough alone and just chill for awhile?  Smiley Indifferent  Well that is where I am now.  I don't feel like checking and rechecking scores.  Just do the daily pulls on TC and check out my FICO scores every six months to see how I am doing.  I even set Scorewatch to my targeted score so I won't have to receive the emails from them with the bouncing up and down that will occur during the next five months Smiley Surprised   It's just like I need a break from figuring and reasoning.  LOL   I believe I'm maxed out more than my credit cards are!!  Smiley Sad
I do appreciate your explanation and that of everyone here on this forum as your valuable research and knowledge have helped me a lot since I joined. 
Happy 4th of July everyone!
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Re: Maxing 70% to 90% of credit line?

^^^^^^^ Feeling pretty maxed out myself. But the mission is to press on!
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