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Minor inaccuracy on CR

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Minor inaccuracy on CR

So I just pulled all three of my CR's. I have a collection from an apartment complex from when I broke lease when I bought my house last year. On both TU and EQ they have it classified as "Cable/cellular". I paid both cable and my cell directly to the provider and just switched these both to the new address, so I know I do not have a balance. Does this inaccuracy hold any water to get this deleted?

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Re: Minor inaccuracy on CR


In any dispute, the furnisher always has three options under FCRA 623(b):

1. verify the accuracy of what was reported;

2. correct the information so as to make it accurate; or

3.  if neither of steps 1 or 2 is taken, the information must then be deleted until the furnisher does one of those things.


Inaccuracies alone are never a basis for compelling deletion of inaccurately reported information.


The reporting reqirement is that information not be reported that is knowingly inaccurate.  Statute cannot compel accuracy in human actions.


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