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Mom needs help - recent CO's plus 2 tax liens


Mom needs help - recent CO's plus 2 tax liens

Mom saw my progress and set her pride aside and asked me for help. 
She fell on hard times around 2/2005 - she has many charge-off's with amounts ranging from $63 to $3k.  Plus she has 2 tax liens.  One is for 2k one is for 14k.  She has many lates (you would think a grown woman wouldn't pay her bills late)
This is my plan I'm proposing to her:
1. Opt-out
2. Get old addresses removed
3. Contact OC, ask for PFD or update to paid as agreed.
4. Contact State to start payment plan for tax liens.
Is there anything else I should be doing? 
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Re: Mom needs help - recent CO's plus 2 tax liens

Does she have any lates that she has brought current? If so, I would send a GW letter to the creditor to see if they will work with her.

Also on the collection items, have her do a DV letter to make sure the debt is correct and if so, before she pays the collection agencies, have her write a PFD to them. Several on this post have had success with both letters, including myself.

Also, have her pull all 3 CR so she knows exactly where she stands and go over them with a fine tooth comb and disbute all inaccurate information.
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