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Money magazine wants to talk to people with high scores....

Administrator Emeritus

Money magazine wants to talk to people with high scores....

MONEY magazine is looking for people with high credit scores who have experienced ANY of the following:

-have successfully applied for a PenFed rewards credit card and were approved
-have used their score as leverage to secure a rental property or get a better deal on a rental
-have gotten a great credit card with excellent rewards or low interest rate as a result of their high credit score
-have gotten a 0% for 12+ months financing option on a big purchase, especially home improvement
-have gotten any other kind of discount or benefit as a result of their great score (on insurance, autos, anything beyond the mortgage loan rate)

I am on a tight deadline and am looking for a response today, Wednesday, May 25. I’d like to speak with you over the phone; we would use your name and a brief mention of your situation. We have featured FICO Forums posters in the past, as well.

Please contact me at 212-522-7658 or

Thank you!
Ismat Mangla
Writer, Money magazine

Formerly consumer affairs manager, media spokesman and myFICO Forums community manager at FICO, I'm now freelance writing for and my own site,

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