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Monthly Payment Being Reported Wrong on Charged Off Account

New Member

Monthly Payment Being Reported Wrong on Charged Off Account

I recently completed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and my student loans are starting to pop back up on my report (expected - these were not discharged). However, I have a private student loan from Wells Fargo that was charged off years ago and prior to bankruptcy listed $0 as the monthly payment on my credit reports. Since the bankruptcy, WF is listing the full loan amount as the monthly payment - upwards of $11k. That's throwing my DTI all out of wack.


I filed a dispute with Equifax and Transunion (still shows $0 payment on Experian). Equifax already kicked it back as verified / unchanged. Havnen't heard back from Transunion.


My question is: what recourse do I have here? Is this normal? I have other charged off private student loans from other banks that have popped back up on my report - and they all show $0 monthly payment.


Thoughts anyone? 

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