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Monthly monitoring from myFico?

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Monthly monitoring from myFico?

Hi, all,


Recently I swear I saw in a thread here somewhere that there is a new service being offered by myFico that allows you to update your scores and reports monthly instead of quarterly. Am I crazy?



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Re: Monthly monitoring from myFico?

The Ultimate updates your scores monthly anyway. The premium updates your scores and mortgage scores monthly.
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Re: Monthly monitoring from myFico?

There was a fico3b premium. Do a search and you will find a few threads on it.

What it does is provide you a monthly report instead of quarterly.

Same price. It's weird tho, if you call and ask for it they will tell you it's no longer offered.

In your search u will find a link that will take you to the sign up.
The key is you must cancel your curren sub if you have one. You will need to call in and cancel, make sure to tell the. You want it canceled immediately. They will tell you it will stop when your billing date hits. Which means you would need to wait until that date before buying the premium .

I did this the other day, worked like a champ. Now I get a pulled report every month which also updates the other scores not just the fico8
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Re: Monthly monitoring from myFico?

No longer being Offered !

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Re: Monthly monitoring from myFico?

I'll be doing this tomorrow!!

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