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My 6 months old amazing credit history!


My 6 months old amazing credit history!

After reading alot on here i just want to share my credit story, i moved to the US in August 2018, i applied and got my social security early September 2018, i applied for Wells Fargo Secured Card around September 27th 2018, i deposited $300, when the card was mailed to me i was charged the $25 annual fee, immediately it was reported and i had a credit file opened with the CRAs, i bought a car and paid 70% of it and the dealership agreed on financing the remaining 30% plus i really wanted to use it to build credit too. I gave them my Socials in September 2018 and it also reported to my credit but it reported as opened in August because the car was bought in August ending but i had no SSN then, in November 2018 when my second statement cut on Wells Fargo, i took a nasty leap of faith lol and applied for Capital One Quicksilver One, i wasn't approved on the spot online but i was told someone will contact me, they sent me an email to respond with a scan copy of my SSN and my passport which i did i then got an unsecured credit card of $300. I started charging the 2 cards wisely and paying off the car too
Two months of having the Capital One i read it on here by the experienced people on here about hitting the LUV button before my credit step that is due in May 2019 take place, i hit that button sometime in January 2019 and i was given $100 limit increase... Smiley Happy Now i am waiting for my credit step that will kick in in two months.

On February 4th 2019 my FICO score was generated based on my credit history hitting 6 months and i checked on Experian and my credit score is now 720 and 704 on TU and EQ respectively... It feels so good to see it change. Below is a screenshot link... Smiley Happy
Starting Score (08/2018): EQ: 665 TU: 672 EX: - - -
Current Score (08/2020): EQ: 789 TU: 780 EX: 773
Goal Score: EQ: 800+ TU: 800+ EX: 800+

Capital One QuickSilver One: $500 | Wells Fargo Platinum: $800 | Navy Federal CU Go Reward: $20,000
1 Car Loan | 2 INQ Last 1 Year | 4 INQ Last 2 Years

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Re: My 6 months old amazing credit history!


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Re: My 6 months old amazing credit history!

Nice work!     You definitely want to make your history as long as possible on revolving and look forward to that 800 club Smiley Happy    I was close before and after my mortgage that is my next goal Smiley Very Happy

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Re: My 6 months old amazing credit history!

Woo Ah!

72O FICO is considered to be a good borrower Smiley Very Happy

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