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My Active Credit Card Fell Off

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My Active Credit Card Fell Off

Hello everyone. I have been going through and fixing things on my credit that have been holding me down. Upon looking I noticed that my capital one cards had some incorrect information such as late payments so I did a dispute. Both of my credit cards I have with Capital One are now missing from all 3 credit bureaus. I am confused as to what to do because I have spoken to Capital One well over 3 months now and nothing has changed, they ensure me every month they are updating the credit bureaus :/z These are my oldest accounts so now it looks as if I only have 3 Years of history. Should I leave as is? or What is the next step? 

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Re: My Active Credit Card Fell Off

So the dispute you filed, I take it the results have been concluded and not in active investigative status?


If it is, you might have a split file. Could you be a Jr or Sr, and living or associated with the same address? 

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Re: My Active Credit Card Fell Off

Call Cap 1, immediately ask to speak to a senior account manager. Explain to that person what happened, and they will re-report your accounts. 

I disputed a closed Cap 1 account recently, and EQ removed the closed account, and my two open accounts. It took a couple weeks, but they were added back on. You'll be ok, but I'm surprised you waiting this to be honest. 

Call Capital immediately. 

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