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My Credit Journey (First Post on this forum)

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My Credit Journey (First Post on this forum)

Hello forum members,



I am 25 years old and I have moved to states last year in June. I had no idea how important it is to have a credit history and on how to build one until I relocated here. (Sometimes I wonder, how conveniently I grew 25 years in Asia without having to worry about all this. I am sure my fellow Asians can relate to it)  This forum and extensive searches on the internet have helped me gain knowledge and be the part of the game if played right.  


Credit Journey Storytime-


I started with Discover IT (secured) card with CL 200USD applied in Nov 2017 followed by that applied for Chase Freedom card after a month and was approved by CL 800USD. After that I made noob mistakes of applying for credit cards at AMEX and BOA reward cards with such thin credit file (obviously was rejected) Moving forward two months later decided to get secured cards from Capital One platinum and Citi and was approved with 200USD CL each and man, approvals for CC are addicting fortunately, I was approved for BOA Travel Rewards this time for 1000 USD CL.


As of now, I am going to garden until March 2020 with the seeds I have sown.


Summary of Scores and Hand enquires

Goals: FICO of 760+; 
Garden Club Member: 2/2018 until 3/2020
As of 02/2018:  EX08 N/A | TU08 653 | EQBank08 649

HP's: Transunion 5 | Equifax 6

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Re: My Credit Journey (First Post on this forum)

Welcome!  You are off to a very good start with Discover, Chase, Citi, CapOne, and BofA.  Those cards will all grow with you as you build up some history.  Before too long, you will be able to convert your secured cards to unsecured cards, and you'll be able to start increasing the limits on all of them without additional HPs.  Keep using the cards responsibly, and you'll hit 760 in no time!

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