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My Lending Club Experience

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Re: My Lending Club Experience


The nice thing about LendingClub and Prosper is that you can see if you pre-qualify for one of their loans with only a SP (soft pull).

There are plenty of providers in the field of personal loans so check with multiple sites. (Ensure that it will only be a soft pull to check, most do a hard pull when you officially apply)

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Re: My Lending Club Experience

In addition to Lending Club and Prosper, take a look at Promise Financial. They are also a soft pull to check and their hook, (they loan for anything, though), is wedding financing. I have a loan with them at 6.2%.

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Re: My Lending Club Experience

Sadly, Promise Financial doesn't loan money in my state-- South Carolina seems to be only one of few states that they do NOT do business in Smiley Sad

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