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MyFico vs Experian vs others?

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MyFico vs Experian vs others?

Hello gang,


I would like to speak with everyone.  So, anyone who is savy with credit lock, we know that TransUnion and Equifax offer free locks.  Experian offers a paid version, no matter the case.  This being said...  MyFico seems to offer the most accurate FICO Score available to consumers at this time.  I mean at this time critically because "At This Time" changes depending on the time that you are reading this.  It seems that MyFico has its ups and downs.  (This seems to be relative, but true...  It's changing in nature!). 


Which credit monitoriing do you use?  List them all in an order from most used and useful to least used and silly, at this time....  


Love iMacGuy

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