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Mysticism membership.

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Re: Mysticism membership.

Not sure where your getting the scores for free, i get experian report for free, updated frequently. I'll be able to get TU scores from Discover, but I'm most interested in my experian score. It's my lowest (7 Inquires I guess.) I can get information from CC on my TU AND EQ report, but not ex from CK. 


Credit Karma is Vantage score, not fico.

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Re: Mysticism membership.

This will give you your FICO 8 score and report from EX each month:


This will also give your FICO score from Experian for free:


Your Amex card wil also give your EX score for free.

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Re: Mysticism membership.

The FICO score that @creditdunce could not recall is CreditCheckTotal (CCT). For a 7-day trial, it costs $1. If you don't cancel on Day 7, your CC is automatically charged $29.95/mo. On day 7 when you go to cancel, you will be offered the $14.95/mo rate for an additional year. However, approximately twice a month after you have cancelled the trial, you are offered another $1, 7-day trial again.
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Re: Mysticism membership.

It's been said many time but this is a no-brainer -- Free score and report. Experian only but it's certainly worth using. Imo, the reports on here are ripoffs.

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Re: Mysticism membership.

I just cancelled my CCT trial (about 15 mins ago), and was not offered a 50% discount (which I was hoping for)

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Re: Mysticism membership.

@huvason wrote:

I just cancelled my CCT trial (about 15 mins ago), and was not offered a 50% discount (which I was hoping for)

Then in the meantime, I'd do three things:


(1)  Sign up once per month for the CCT $1 trial.  That's one buck a month to get a nice 3B report and all three scores.  You may end up liking that better than paying $15 per month for basically the same thing.


(2)  Sign up for all the free tools you have heard mentioned thus far on the thread, specifically:  (for EX)

        Credit Karma (for EQ and TU)

You'll have lots of free reports that way as well as a free FICO 8 score from EX.


(3)  Start a new thread asking for help on how to get offered the 50% discount.  A number of people should chime in.

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Re: Mysticism membership.

Thanks for the suggestions.  I already use Credit Karma - and I use, which appears to be the same as


I just really liked the monthly true Fico Scores - so I will try your suggestion.

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Re: Mysticism membership.

Got discharged with ch7 in december 2016. I have full credit monitorig from myfico,,, creditkarma, and from crdit scores from MyFico and are similar on all 3 ( EX,TU, and EQ). In my humble opinion I would go with why? because is the fastest in reporting any change in credit score via text your cell and email.

started in low 400's as today 7/29/2017 myfico scrore are EQ 646  TU 629  EX 645.


EX 687
EQ 694
TU 687
BK 7 D/C Dec. '16.
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