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NFCU CLOC to lower individual account util ratio?

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NFCU CLOC to lower individual account util ratio?

Hi there!


I have a NFCU CLOC that has a low balance of $200-ish on it out of $5k. 


I was thinking of maybe using it to pay/lower the balance of some CC accounts that are reporting over 80% while keeping this CLOC under 30% temporarily in time for a CL review for my AMEX BCE, which I want to report a $0 balance when it happens. 


Would increasing the util on my CLOC affect my chances of getting a CLI which I am due to request for one in about another 35 days from NFCU?


The APR on this CLOC is about 7-8% lower than 2 of my accounts that are reporting and revolving over 50% which limits of $500 (AMEX BCE AND CAP1 QS1). I also have two accounts over 80% which is a Discover IT $1710/$1900and BoA Americard $810/$1000



Worth it?


I could most definitely pay out of pocket to PIF on the AMEX BCE in time for it's first 6 month review which is in less than a month but it'll be pretty rough as things are tight around here. I've been putting every extra penny into my balances across the board, especially the higher CL CC's that are reporting over 30%


My overall util is 44% because I do have a few accounts reporting a $0 balance but I have a few high util balances lingering around that I am starting to focus my attention on as I pay down accounts. 


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