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NFCU Froze My Account Access and I Couldn't Be Happier!!!

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NFCU Froze My Account Access and I Couldn't Be Happier!!!

So I haven't been able to log into my NFCU accounts for a couple of days and was figuring it was just an online glitch.  Then today, I tried logging in on my phone's app and got the same message: "You've attempted to log into your account too many times and your account has been locked." and suggested I call techinical support to resolve the issue.


So I called and the CSR verified all of my info and then told me she didn't understand why I couldn't log in to my account but if I'd hold she'd patch me in to the Fraud Department.  The F/D tech asked me if I'd recently applied for a CLI.  I told her I did but was denied but then probably had another hard-pull the next day when their AmEX Rewards card became available and I was approved for a $5k credit limit immediately (go figure, right?) and she seemed satisfied with my answer.  She told me they were flagging all questionable credit apps due to the EQUIFAX debacle and urged me to come up with a secret password to be used whenever I called in to NFCU so they would know for sure it was me.  I thanked her for her suggestion, gave her a password to apply to my account, then she unlocked my account immediately.


KUDOS to NFCU for doing this and my hope is that all other banks will follow suit.  If they do, this should make paying $$$$ for locking our accounts with the CRA's unnecessary.  Has anybody else had this type of situation occur and if so, please give the name of the institution in order to inform this community. 



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