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Need Advice: Chase Freedom Appoval

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Need Advice: Chase Freedom Appoval

So I'm new to credit (19yo college freshman). Got my first card in September (Cap1 Platinum Secured) for $200 CL w $49 deposit. My score hovers around 650-655 by keeping that util low and 100% on time payments. My goal is to achieve an excellent credit score as fast as possible, which I know can take some time. But I want to begin racking up points with my current spend so that I can put them towards all the traveling I want to do during the rest of my college years. I still won't have a FICO score for another couple of months, and I just got approved for Discover It Student $500 CL. After my Cap1 credit steps auto CLI goes to $500, I should be at 672 or so (according to creditwise/credit karma). What should I do to get approved for Chase freedom so I can start collecting Ultimate Rewards points? Should I just wait and hope that Discover auto CLIs me?
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Re: Need Advice: Chase Freedom Appoval

While I think it's encouraging that you are paying close attention to your credit and finances, remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. Getting rewards for spending is good, but unless you are ThePointsGuy and do this for a living, the best way to have money for traveling for most people is still to save or to earn money. I know it's probably not what you want to hear and I know those sign up bonuses and rewards are very tempting, but chances are unless you can put some decent spending through your card you won't be accumulating points at a fast enough clip to do much travel based off that alone. 


tl;dr: do continue to build your credit, aim for the rewards cards, and be responsible. But, if you want to travel, the fastest way is to find a side job and save money. 

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Re: Need Advice: Chase Freedom Appoval

Just use those two cards responsibly and pay in full each month. Credit isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon. I’d wait for 12 months of use on both cards and then try to get them unsecured. Once that happens and you show you can pay your cards I. Full, then I would try for a third card. I see too often in here people try to go so fast that they get in financial trouble with cards. You have a good start on your credit journey. Remember pay in full every month. Paying interest on credit cards is a pathway to disaster.

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