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Need Advice For Apartment Credit


Need Advice For Apartment Credit

I've read some mixed things about what renters look for on credit reports.  Some say its mainly rental history, others say the FICO score or collections matter.  I have one collection showing on EQ from 2004, and Transunion lists 3 collections.  I've managed to pay off all collections but one, and should get that done this month.  However, i've had no luck with having the records deleted, or even updated as paid in full.  I did get a recent credit card, after being denied a few months prior, so i know scores are boosting.  I have current student loans and current car loan. 


What can I do to help myself with apartments.  Would a letter of recomendation help?  I've had great relationship with past landlords.  What about explaining about the collections that appear on the report?  I really am nervous because i haven't had a credit check done for the past 2 places i've lived, but where i'm looking at now both need copies of my report.


Any advice is apprecaited, either here or an email.  Is there any good resource out there for this kind of problem?

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Re: Need Advice For Apartment Credit

What they look for depends on the landlord, property management etc.  Some will look for more than rental history.  Some do not allow any unpaid collections.  Almost all will not allow a criminal background (not that you have one).  Some don't allow new collections.  Some have a minimum FICO score requirement.


You need to find out what they look for before applying.  If you find you do not meet their requirements, ask if they will work with you.  The most important thing is to be totally honest with them, before applying.  Don't let them find something you did not disclose.


I have never had a problem renting because I have been honest up front.  I told them everything on my CR. Even my score.  None of them felt they could not work with me.  They did say it was ultimately up to the owner.


Good luck.

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