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Need some advice.. tax refund seized

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Re: Need some advice.. tax refund seized

@flo23 wrote:

Hello all. I'll make it short,my mom had a credi card open with capital one,but i used it during college and fell behind on payments, fast forward 5 years later i got a call from my mom today saying she just got something in the mail from treasury that her tax refund was seized? is this legal? im pissed cause my poor mom got screwed cause of me and i want to help.please give me some advice. oh btw she never got served with papers

I'm sorry this has happened to your mother but in my opinion this is too serious a matter to rely on just advice from an online forum; even from one with as many knowledgeable people as we have at myFICO.


Go talk to a lawyer PRONTO! The IRS is not to be trifled with.




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