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Negative checking account and CRA

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Negative checking account and CRA

       If i had a checking account go negative last year and they reported it to the system that other major banks check before issuing checking accounts (I dont remember the name of the system: chase and zion bank referenced it when denying me checking accounts)  I can no longer access the negative account online (its with wellsfargo)  Are they going to send the account to a collections agency or report it to the credit reporting agencies? 


      I recently checked my Credit Reports and it was not there so what should i do try to work something out with them before they report it?  Or do banks not usually report checking accounts to CRA.   The account went negative from fradulent insurance billing that was later removed but all the negative balance charges and late fees stuck if that matters.


  Thanks for your time!                   -James-

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Re: Negative checking account and CRA

Hi zedekc,


You may first want to order a copy of your ChexSystem report to see what's on it.  I've ordered mine and it's easy and fairly fast.


I haven't worked through an issue like this, but my first thought would be to resume and continue working with the original checking account holder to get it cleared up and reporting correctly.  It'll be worth the effort because banks do, as you've experienced, pull Chexsystem. 


I'm sure more experienced folks will chime in with some helpful info.

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Re: Negative checking account and CRA

     Thanks for the reply beameup!  I really appreciate any info I can get.  Yeah chexsystem sounds like the name of it.  I will try to work it out with them.  I have another checking account i use for pretty much everything, so honestly i kind of forgot about wellsfargo and since i had cancelled my insurance and no automatic payments were supposed to be taken out I thought I wouldn't have any problems with the account.  Big mistake on my part obviously.


     But i am just concerned as i shop around for a home later if i cant work it out with them if it will show up on my credit report someday?  and even if it won't will the bank i apply for a mortgage with check the chexsystem for bad checking accounts?  If anyone is in the know,  or has personal experience with this i would love to here from you.


 Thanks again everyone!      -james-

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